A Sneak Peek of The Drabbler

I’m making a new blog.
Wait! No, it’s not that I’m abandoning you, Destined. We just have some creative differences that I simply can’t work through. I’m sorry…I…I have to do it.

Anyway. I’ll make another announcement once I get the sawdust cleared at the new site, but I figured I may as well rev up your anticipation by doing a sneak peek.

The Drabbler will be a more focused effort than this blog. And a much more thorough one. I plan on adding content to it a minimum of 3 times a week, perhaps even every day if I feel particularly motivated. The focus of the blog will be on–you guessed it–Drabbles.

“But Robert. What the heck is a drabble?” you ask, your eyes filled with the stop-go curiosity of a child.

I’m glad you asked, Jim. A Drabble is a short fiction story of exactly 100 words. No more, no less.

“But–that’s easy! Only 100 words. Pah, I could do that in a minute!”

Hold on there, Jim. A Drabble’s a bit harder to write than it sounds. After all, you have to write a story. Not a description. Not a character sketch. And certainly not a synopsis. This story must have a beginning, middle, and end. It also must be exactly 100 words long. To give you an idea of how much space you have to work with–this blog post is 337 words long.

But so far, that hasn’t been the issue for me. Instead, I’m having trouble with the blog design process. Since I’m doing a more advanced blog this time around (and worrying about SEO, marketability, and design) and I have approximately 2 experience in web design, this is taking much longer than I thought it would.

In case you were wondering, 2 experience is only double that of the common sea snail.

I’ll let you know when The Drabbler is all proper and fit for company = )

Until then, check out these Drabbles from some more established authors.


My competition : )
Thanks for reading!


7 Steps of Writing a Novel*

1. Depending on the time of day, make some coffee or bring out your flask.

2. Sit down in front of a computer.

3. Stare at the screen for at least half an hour.

4. Give a mighty groan. Go on – you deserve it.

5. Open up Facebook.

6. Chalk up the day’s failure to the Mercurial Muses of Writers Block and take a nap.

7. Repeat.


*Robert has yet to publish a novel. Take that as you will.

Wandering Random with our Words

I think we can all empathize.

Perfectionism is a curse in the creative soul. Raise your hand if you agree.

I am such a one afflicted by this curse. Perfectionism, the fear of producing anything less than what it could be rather than what it should be, is like an enormous shovel.

I see you (yes, you!) shaking your head, wondering what a shovel has to do with trying to be perfect in a chaotic world. Perfectionism digs and undermine’s one’s creativity, gauging a hole beneath our minds and making it much harder to climb over that writer’s block. Kind of, sort of, like a shovel. Maybe.

Professional writers don’t believe in writer’s block though, and I feel that I shouldn’t either. One technique that they use is to simply begin writing at random. They just open up a new Word document and force themselves to start typing without stopping. With every sentence down, no matter how meaningless or silly it is, they build a rung in the ladder out of that hole and over that block.

I’ve never tried this before, but I figure now’s as good a time as any since my grammar’s been agrarian lately. Normally, you’d never want to publish these random thoughts, but here I go all the same:


Ahem. This is the most delicious fork I’ve ever sucked on. Red potatoes deserve honey goodness. I’m cooking right now.

A recipe in my head. A recipe for disaster. Whoa! Just remembered a poem I wrote long ago called “A Recipe for Disaster”. / head reels. I’m going to look for it, and maybe post if it I’m lucky enough to find it.

Luck can be obtained through skill. Skill is acquired through hard work and practice, both of which are traits that I’d be lucky to have. Oh well.

Some people don’t like me. I do like a good cola every so often though.

Young men fear the passage of time. Old men fear passage. Middlemen fear smart entrepreneurs.

Companion cubes are far too short in supply. The world could use them like the world could use more well-intentioned entrepreneurs.

Carrots are good against potatoes. I think it’s a +4 bonus.

The Tazmanian Devil was a crazy, crazy dude. He died an early death due to the dislodging of his brain from his spine from an over-indulgent spin. But he lived. Boy, did he live.

The alarm brings brings brings me awake. I massacre the snooze button with furious palmation.

Dogs are better than cats. That’s all there is to it.

Drinking carbonated sugar-acid-water is probably not healthy. For the body. But my brain loves it. Mmmmm. Brains. Zombies drink Vanilla Coke. This is a free ad for Vanilla Coke, though I’m secretly hoping for royalties.

(A Minecraft Observation): Cliff-hopping sheep have evolved their wool to be especially bounciful. Tigger’s got nothin’ on them.

“The Empire is mine by right! I, by blood and strife and cunning, have taken this empire from my brother. I have conquered kingdoms and  …. Yeah that won’t work. Fantasy writing will take a slower hand methinks. Prithee.


And that’s it. I tried my best to keep typing constantly and avoid thinking too much and I was mostly successful. I paused a bit in some parts and returned afterward to correct some mistyping, but all in all it took maybe five minutes.

I think it helped with my writer’s block. I’ll keep you posted on that, but I believe I can recommend this method of ladder building.

The pen is sharp! And the keys are so many! That is why I'm a chicken when it comes to writing.

Foolish Idea

As you’ve noticed (or not), I haven’t done much with this blog yet. I just…don’t have it in me to pretend to care about my writing. Or my readers. Or myself. Or the world. Oh, life just sucks.

So I won’t be writing any more posts on Destined. Very = (

April Fools!
For real though, I’ll be writing a post late tomorrow. Maybe on dinosaurs. Or bacon.
Or dinosaur bacon.