Welcome! This is my secondary blog. If you want to find the really good stuff, head over to The Drabbler!
It’s my new collection of super-short stories, other fiction, and blog posts on the craft and lifestyle of a writer. I think you’d like it : )

This site is Destined–my first foray into the blogosphere, where I talk about anything and everything, as long as it’s crazy.

The Author

Robert Wyckoff is a fiction writer, blogger, and aspiring novelist. He recently started The Drabbler as a microfiction blog dedicated to the art of the 100-word story. He’s not yet published and attributes it to poor bio-writing skills.

He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his companion cube. Apart from writing, he spends time at his day job as the resident office -monkey, plays video games, and reads intimidatingly-good novels. Occasionally, he has a life.

Robert is a member of:
Pike Peak Writers
Mythic Scribes
Write For Ten
Writing Forums (.org)
Writing Forums (.com)

You can follow him at:


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