A Morning Without Coffee

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Images of the night before flitted through Zack’s mind. Running, fire, blood. Zombies had attacked his hometown.

A dream? Zack thought. Apparently I need some coffee.

He poured himself his morning salvation and drank. The liquid trickled out of his mouth before he could swallow it. Wow. I really am tired.

He raised his other hand to wipe his face. But it wasn’t there. He looked down at a stump of an arm.

Huh. Interesting.

Zack looked into the mirror to a lopsided, zombie’d visage.

Well then. I suppose I should go grab some breakfast.

“Brrraaaaaiiins,” he grunted. “And coooffffeeeee.”

Artwork by my friend at http://4rioch.deviantart.com/

I’m like Zack the Zombie when I don’t get my morning dose of caffeine.  I’m tired, irritable, and hungry for brains. Or at least a brain.

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I think I’m going to wind this blog down now, since I’m too busy with the other one to do anything but re-post stories on here. We’ll see : )

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Does it have Eyes? — A New Story on The Drabbler

Just wrote a new horror story at http://the-drabbler.com/does-it-have-eyes/
Don’t read it before going to bed!
I even scared myself while writing it : )

How about you guys? Do you enjoy the horror genre?

The Drabbler

The Drabbler is now online.

If you like short fiction, especially very short fiction, you should definitely go visit it. And subscribe. And probably insist that I absolutely must accept your monetary donations.

Here–a sample of the great content you’ll discover at the Drabbler:

A Dream Postponed

The amphitheater erupted around him.

“Jimmy! Jimmy!”

He devoured the moment, his fingers dancing electric across the strings. The crowd, lights, music. They belonged to him—the rock star. The band faded and Jimmy launched into his signature, thunderous solo.

But—something was wrong.

Jimmy slumped down onto the stage. He thumbed the frets, frowning.

“Oh Jimmy.” A soft voice.

He looked up from twiddling the little joystick on his wheelchair. Nurse Julie.

“I wonder what you think about, humming to yourself like that.”

Jimmy smiled as she wheeled him to the nurses’ station. Nurse Julie was his biggest fan.










There you have it. A drabble–a fiction story off exactly 100 words.
The Drabbler features plenty more where that came from, as well as some longer fiction and an “On Writing” section for educational articles on the craft of writing.

Thank you for reading. Go forth and drabble.

A Sneak Peek of The Drabbler

I’m making a new blog.
Wait! No, it’s not that I’m abandoning you, Destined. We just have some creative differences that I simply can’t work through. I’m sorry…I…I have to do it.

Anyway. I’ll make another announcement once I get the sawdust cleared at the new site, but I figured I may as well rev up your anticipation by doing a sneak peek.

The Drabbler will be a more focused effort than this blog. And a much more thorough one. I plan on adding content to it a minimum of 3 times a week, perhaps even every day if I feel particularly motivated. The focus of the blog will be on–you guessed it–Drabbles.

“But Robert. What the heck is a drabble?” you ask, your eyes filled with the stop-go curiosity of a child.

I’m glad you asked, Jim. A Drabble is a short fiction story of exactly 100 words. No more, no less.

“But–that’s easy! Only 100 words. Pah, I could do that in a minute!”

Hold on there, Jim. A Drabble’s a bit harder to write than it sounds. After all, you have to write a story. Not a description. Not a character sketch. And certainly not a synopsis. This story must have a beginning, middle, and end. It also must be exactly 100 words long. To give you an idea of how much space you have to work with–this blog post is 337 words long.

But so far, that hasn’t been the issue for me. Instead, I’m having trouble with the blog design process. Since I’m doing a more advanced blog this time around (and worrying about SEO, marketability, and design) and I have approximately 2 experience in web design, this is taking much longer than I thought it would.

In case you were wondering, 2 experience is only double that of the common sea snail.

I’ll let you know when The Drabbler is all proper and fit for company = )

Until then, check out these Drabbles from some more established authors.


My competition : )
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