Yo! What’s Happenin’?

Wow. This dust is thick. And the cobwebs! Eww.

For this post, I mostly just want to see if there’s anyone out there still subscribed to this thing and will read it. I’m seriously considering resurrecting this blog from its slumber.  There’s a trillion-billion x pi number of things that I’d love to write about, but I lack the discipline and mental consistency to do it well in blog format. Mayhaps if I keep the posts shorter but more frequent, it’ll work better for me and the world as a whole. (Which really shouldn’t be difficult, right? Right? I see your doubting  expression, Shpob; you can’t fool me.)

Thanks for reading! I’ll do another blog post in about 5 minutes to make up for lost time : )

= )


4 thoughts on “Yo! What’s Happenin’?

  1. Sometimes it’s easier to have a conversation with your readers. I mean, you can post some idea or opinion and we can comment back and forth to bring about some mutual understanding or cool insights.
    So, what’s on your mind besides dusting in here? You may need my newest invention, the digital swiffer.

  2. of all my friends that “write”, you and Monica are the only ones that really write! I wouldn’t miss a word! I’m afraid she’ll beat you in real life adventures, as she lives in Thailand just had a flood that sent serpent snakes slithering across her main floor, but you win hands down in fantasy and fiction adventures 🙂

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