10 Minute Short Stories

I have recently discovered this imperfect but nifty little site called http://writeforten.com . It’s a great tool to use to get your mental and physical writing fingers warmed up for a paper, short story, novel, 20-book epic, or what have you. Personally, I plan to write on it and post nearly every day with a short 10-minute story. I’ve written in it twice  so far (under the name of Shpob) and I’m rather proud of what I can write in ten minutes given the right amount of focus.

Below are my first two examples. Keep in mind that I wrote these in 10 minutes or less, without any editing or revision afterwards. (The page on the site actually freezes and doesn’t allow you to change things after 10 minutes is up). This 10 minutes includes plot and character development as well as the writing itself, so don’t expect masterpieces by any means. But I (biased as I may be) think these are decently entertaining : )

First Story:

Kitar, the most powerful magician the kingdoms had ever known, looked across the white expanse from his high perch. The Kingdom of Kitchen was in dire straits, under siege from a menace heretofore unseen in all of the 3 house kingdoms, and he would not break his vigil. The enemies that threatened the very way of life in Kitchen were many and Kitar was the land’s first and last line of defense.

Kitar’s fur stood on end when he thought about his hated enemies.

Mice. A menace so evil and terrible to behold that it put even the Roaches of Riftwall to shame. They regularly ransacked the provinces and cupboards of Kitchen, stealing away all of the Kingdom’s hope. But the lords and ladies of the land were ready to stand up to the Mice Menace. They had hired Kitar to seek peace in the land through the spilling of the blood of their enemies.

Grinning mischievously, the magician retrieved some magical liquid from a bowl. It was a concoction that made Kitar even more powerful than in his normal state. Cat-nip. The lady of Kitchen had granted him permission to do whatever it took to see the Mice destroyed. Kitar the kitten was only too happy to oblige.

209 words in 10 minutes at 06:00 PM on Dec 07, 2011

“You’re a wizard, Hairy.” Rubeus Catrid.

Second Story:

James squinted his eyes as he hobbled into his apartment. He didn’t remember leaving the light on, but he supposed he shouldn’t be surprised given his memory problems in his old age.

James was an old man, but he liked to think of himself as “seasoned and well aged, like a good scotch”. His past life had been full of adventures and traveling around the world, but he had long since given up that life for an easy retirement. Now, he liked to kick back and watch old television shows he not had much of a chance to experience in his younger years. He also enjoyed the occasional game of bingo down the street.

On this night, however, he would be quickly reminded of what an old mentor used to say to him.
“This kind of life we live, James, never really ends. You can try to escape it, but it always comes back to haunt you. We have changed too much and destroyed too many lives to be forgotten.”

James walked into his bedroom and sighed when he saw what was written on the wall in blood-red paint. His mentor had been right. He never could escape his past.

The wall’s words shone crimson.

A moment later, a bullet struck the back of James’ head from the man hiding in the corner.

224 words in 10 minutes at 11:43 AM on Dec 09, 2011

I’ll publish more of these every so often. Probably.

Thank you for reading and have a great, bacon-flavored day!


3 thoughts on “10 Minute Short Stories

  1. Thanks! I’m thinking one of these days I’ll do like 5 10-minute stories in 1 hour, each of them a having unrelated themes, characters, and plots. My brain may or may not melt.

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