Die Another Day

My first blog post should be epic.

And that’s about as far as my thoughts got after a few minutes of staring at the screen. I was just studying my fingers, listening to random music online (insert free advertising for Grooveshark here) when it hit me. One of the more epic songs in the infinitely long and indefatigably awesome history of epic songs had started playing. A little piece called “Die Another Day” by Madonna. I had found my inspiration.

I encourage you to click the little play arrow below and allow pure aural epic to seep into your brain whilst you read the rest of this post.

(Hopefully this video works. Otherwise the epic level of this post will be turned down about 4 notches, which would be very sad.)

Got it playing? Okay, now turn your sound up.

Is it nice and loud? Good. Now turn in up again. Oh yeah.

I’m gonna wake up, yes and no

Destined will be about everything. And nothing. But really, it will only be about maybe. Opinions. I’ve never shared more than the tiniest tidbits of my opinions on life, the universe, and everything. I do have a Facebook, but writing more than a bit in a post there makes one seem…bombastic. In the lame way. And I don’t use Twitter because that blue bird creeps the bajeezus (sp?) out of me.  So it’s come to this. A blog. Here’s to waking up, yes and no.

I’m gonna break the cycle

If you’re looking for a blog on gardening or the latest political news, you’ve come to the wrong place. Probably. My hope is that Destined can be a blog about anything. So if that means that I feel like writing about Selas Flowers one day and the mating habits of the common Draccus another, that’s what I’ll do. (Caution! Cuidado! Random references that not everyone will get run rampant in this blog. Consider yourself warn’d.) The next post might be a movie review. Or I might discourse upon  philosophy and God. Or maybe I’ll just come up with a particularly interesting method of weaving bacon and post the recipe. Whatever. The point is: Destined will  defy its dictionary definition and be chaotic in its themes; a mirror of my own whims and random personality. Because it’s fun. Let’s break some cycles.

I’m gonna avoid the cliche

This part is easy for me. Cliches avoid me like the plague (edit: oops, how did that one sneak in here?). I consider the normal boring and try to spice it up as much as I can when necessary. Fresh garlic is decent, but oregano is the way to go. When I can get away from the normal, I do. I will go out of my way and do combat rolls to make life more interesting, even when it makes life harder. But that’s for a later post. The point is, expect the unexpected when reading my blog, because I avoid the cliche.

I guess I’ll die another day

If this is the last post you read of mine (you’d get a -2 to epicness), you should at least take this advice: die another day. You’ll have plenty of “dead time” to float around and dodge crossed streams, or whatever, so take what limited living time you have now and roll with it. Just absolutely roll with it. Don’t let anybody (especially not yourself!) ever tell you your limits, because they are wrong. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. And you aren’t small. So be all the epic you can be. Die another day.

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Don't worry. The helicopter survived.


3 thoughts on “Die Another Day

  1. Great starting point. But where is the subscribe button. I did click on the add me via email links below this

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